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Advancing the path to better treatment by connecting people with research.

curestatus is a website and application which makes medical information accessible and understandable, improving how we understand our health and interact with and support research to find new treatments and cures.

95.7% of the global population has health problems.

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Billion Dollars

An average of $244 billion dollars is invested in finding new treatments every year.


Approved Treatments

Despite massive investment, the FDA approves an average of only 43 new treatments per year.

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Clinical Trials

Patients can't find trials and trials can't find patients. 80% of trials fail to enroll on time globally.

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Billion Dollars

The average treatment costs $1.3 billion to develop, a fundamental barrier to finding new cures.

Built for everyone.

Curestatus is a free, easy-to-use resource for info on conditions, treatments, or clinical trials; built on top of a powerful enterprise-grade clinical research tool.

Complexity Sliders

Change the complexity of any piece of content anywhere on the site from basic to medium to expert language and terminology.

Fully Customizable

Organize content in any way you want, create custom dashboards with content you curate, create a feed and automate email updates or notifications on key trials.

curestatus Grades

curestatus grades make it easy to understand key information at a glance by rating things like Side Effect Score or Clinical Trial Quality on an A-F scale.

Our mission:

To advance humanities progress towards curing all conditions by making it easy for people to engage with medical information and research.

To help people

We help patients to find clinical trials, understand how to participate, and in turn help research projects to find volunteers. We help researchers and professionals to engage with clinical research, track, share, export, and follow studies.

To share knowledge

curestatus allows sharing of reliable, trustworthy information on cures, conditions, and treatments with patients, loved ones, or friends; using AI to translate complex information into straightforward, accurate language.

To build community

Discussion boards on every page create local spaces for communities to interact, for people impacted by rare diseases to connect and support each other, and for researchers to collaborate, share notes, and make connections.

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